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Hello, I'm Fabiano Nogarolli, a tattoo artist specializing in black and gray realism. I'd like to extend my gratitude for considering me for your upcoming tattoo project.

The art of tattooing has reached unprecedented heights, and I take great honor in being able to capture that on your skin. My primary aim is always to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

I've designed this website as our initial point of contact, outlining all the essential details to give you a thorough understanding of my tattooing process. Here, you'll also have the opportunity to submit your tattoo idea.

Thank you for your trust


My journey started with childhood sketches and has grown to include everything from street art to classical illustrations. Each experience has shaped my skills and vision.

I have a unique style that blends classic and renaissance art influences, thanks to years of exploring different media and techniques. This eclectic background gives my work a special twist, making each piece stand out.

Now, I bring all of that artistic history to my tattooing. My goal is to create tattoos that are not just marks on the skin, but works of art that tell a story and resonate on a deeper level.



Step 1: Initial Review

After you submit your inquiry form, I'll assess your request to see if it aligns with my specialization and check if your idea is doable and how it can be translate into a tattoo.

Step 2: Consultation & Estimate

My team will reach out to discuss the finer details of your idea and provide an estimated cost, availability, and clarify any details you may have.

Step 3: Booking & Additional Details

Once we agree on the design concept and estimate, we'll schedule your tattoo session. I also will collect the final details about your tattoo and If more information is needed, my team reach out to clarify any details.

Step 4: Day of Appointment

On the day of your appointment, the first hours or so will be used to finish the design and do any final adjustments to it if needed. After that I’ll start tattooing.


I devote time to each client at a very high level and can only manage so many at once to ensure my outcome delivers at the level my clients expect, but it also means we have to limit the number of clients we work with at any given time. That being said, Tattoo sessions are available on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 1 PM to 10 PM at $2,200/day.

It includes designing the tattoo, setting up stencils, breaks, and tattooing.


Please keep in mind that larger tattoos or tattoos with intricate details, may require multiple sessions to be completed. Here are some examples of large-scale pieces that may require multiple sessions:


1-2 Sessions


2-3 Sessions


5-8 Sessions


7-10 Sessions


1-3 Sessions


1-3 Sessions


3-5 Sessions


6-12 Sessions


DEPOSIT: ZELLE/VENMO TO [email protected]



EACH & EVERY appointment requires a $500 deposit, which goes toward the total amount, this deposit locks your spot and guarantees your day and time. If you have a large project and would like to book multiple appointments, you will need to leave a deposit for each date you would like locked up. You cannot combine deposits to use toward one appointment.

Your non-refundable deposit may be forfeited if any of the following conditions are met:

- You do not show up for your appointment

- You cancel your appointment (at any time)

- You do not give us at least 72 hours notice to reschedule an appointment

- You reschedule 2 or more sessions of the same tattoo, regardless of notice;

- You are more than 40 minutes late for your appointment (PLEASE call even if you are going to be one minute late to let us know you are on your way.)

- You arrive intoxicated. Even one drink or a small amount of intoxication is not acceptable. We require your unequivocal and sober approval.

- You arrive with a minor child. We can't have children unattended in the studio, and you'll be busy and unable to move while getting the tattoo. A tattoo parlor is not a safe place for children.

- You show up to a tattoo appointment without proper identification.

I hope I was able to answer all of your questions! If you're interested in moving forward and booking your tattoo appointment, all I need from you are a few pieces of information. Please complete the form below.


As an artist, I have developed my own style and techniques which are featured m on my work. And my clientele is made up of people that are open-minded to it and to my vision as well. That being said My specialization is in black-and-gray realism when it comes to tattoo design style. I do not accept requests for tattoo styles other than this or copying tattoos from a different artist.

I will do my best to guide you through the best way to tattoo your idea, so please be open-minded and trust my advice as I am solely focused on achieving the best possible outcome.



Thank you for choosing me for your tattoo journey!

I typically ask these questions during our face-to-face consults to really get what you're aiming for.

Your detailed answers will help me sketch out your vision more accurately, speeding up the design phase and making sure we're on the same page.

So please, take a little time to share your thoughts.

The better I understand you, the more personalized and stunning your tattoo will turn out. Let's make some art you'll be proud to wear!

Best regards,

Fabiano Nogarolli

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